General information for abstract submission

      Authors who are interested in presenting a poster for the 30th TASP annual scientific meeting 2019 “Pain Management in Vulnerable Patients” are invited to submit their abstracts. All abstracts are subject for approval by the faculty, submission deadline is on 31st March 2019.

Abstract guideline

      Abstracts must be submitted via email.

      The entire abstract, including title, authors and their affiliations must have a maximum of 300 words using Times New Roman font with 12 point size.

  • Use a concise and comprehensive title
  • List institutions and cities of the authors
  • Please put an asterisk (*) behind each author’s name linking each author to the corresponding affiliation
  • Use standard abbreviations if necessary
  • Contents of abstract should include
    • Purposes of the study
    • Summarized description of the project including sound research methodology, result and conclusion

Send abstracts to


All accepted abstracts will be published in the e-book of this scientific meeting.

General poster information

  • Your poster board surface is approximately 1 meter wide and 2.4 meters high. Your poster must fit within this space. The recommended size for your poster is 90 cm wide and 150 cm high.
  • Please do not write or paint on the poster boards.

Poster presentation instructions

  • Your poster should include the abstract title and all authors at the top of the poster. The title lettering should not be less than a 48-point type.
  • Your poster should be readable from a distance of 1 meter or more. The body lettering should not less than a 24-point type.
  • Each presentation should include a brief explanation of the objectives, methods, results and conclusions.
  • Please do include any relevant disclosure information on your poster.
  • Drawings may be originals or photographs, provided they are of appropriate size. Data should be in the form of tables and/or figures.
  • Only English language will be used.
  • No branding or advertising is allowed.
  • It is suggested that you include on your poster a name, address, phone number and email address (or business cards) in case viewers would like additional information.

Mounting of posters

      Poster numbers will be provided and fixed to each poster board. Mounting of your poster must be completed before 10 o’clock of 2nd May 2019.

      Please strictly adhere to the mounting and removal times. The posters can be retrieved from the poster boards from 12 o’clock of 3rd May 2019. Posters that have not been taken down by the end of the allocated removal time, will be removed and disposed of by the organization.